The first sketch was created in 1982. Then it was embodied in two subjects of “Alphabet”. The final conception developed on the threshold of millennium, and a presentation was planned at the turn of the century.

Like letters of the alphabet form meaningful words and phrases, key events of human life form the human experience of the interaction with the outside world.

"Eternity" 1982 20x14
"Eternity" 1998 80x60
"Time" 1998 80x60

People have different opinion of the same event and often it’s not easy to reach consensus. But if we take as a basis the most important moments of human life, there are not so many these make-or-break moments in reality. Also, there are only few Commandments which were given to the human race. Each letter of the “Alphabet” project at first refers us to the name of a picture beginning with this letter, then to the image and finally to the comment which exposes the meaning of probable events in human life. A confrontation between an individual and the crowd, a point of choice, cultivation of illusions, fear of death, a wish to fly – all this we can find in subjects of “Alphabet”.

Certainly, “Alphabet of the ХХ th century” is presented from the position of a person who have lived at that time, and all details of subjects are understandable and close to those who faced them in various everyday situations. This is an élite project oriented to pragmatic, prosperous, enlightened and educated people with a note of romance in their hearts. It was impossible to tell how many pictures were created for 25 years. Approximately, they are not less than 1200 works; most of them are in private collections in the USA and Europe.

Ilya Shadchnev differs from other artists. Neosymbolizm as a style, and author’s technique of transparent oil texture as a method of its expression – all this became a response to challenges of modern changeable society lacking in heroes, benchmarks and ideals. While modern artistic élite is not able to reconsider and assess what has been going on since the middle of ’80 in the countries of the former USSR, Shadchnev’s creativity is an alternative to the ideological vacuum in the modern artistic life in Russia. His art is ambiguous and raises a number of issues. There are different opinions about his work. Some people take a delight in looking at his pictures, others are angry. Some people think that it is painting; others consider it as graphic arts. Officially recognized artistic bohemia considers his work as underground. Even professional art critics cannot understand how and by what means his pictures were done. On the other hand, Ilya Shadchnev is a prosperous artist attracting attention of mass media, and officials are favourably disposed to him. But in spite of everything, all these moments are the evidence to prove that Shadchnev’s works are not what we call orthodox. His works are something really new.



contacts: ilya.shadchnev@mail.ru;phone: 89272892338