Ilya Shadchnev was born in 1965, in Penza.


Left Penza Child Drawing School №1 in 1980.

Educated from Penza Art School named after K. Savitsky (the famous art school in Russia was found in 1898) in 1985. Specialization: “drawing teacher”.

Educated from Penza State Pedagogical University named after V.Belinsky in 2004. Specialization : “ art teacher”.



Special subjects teacher in Penza Child Drawing School №1, Zarechny Child Art School, secondary school № 228 in Zarechny.


Painting and easel composition tutor in Penza Art School named after K. Savitsky.

2009 – 2010

Art director in Penza Region Drama Theatre named after A.V.Lunacharsky


Educational work, poetry, theatre.


For the first time Ilya Shadchnev tried to create coloured oil forms on paper in 1982. They were created with the help of a palette knife and a brush in terms of monotypy technique. A series of works “Color Dreams” was a result. This trial afterwards formed the basis of  Shadchnev’s creative technique. He tried different kinds of materials and chose plastic in 1986.

In 1982 “Color Dreams” was estimated professionally by specialists. Painting tutors Alexey Vavilin, Victor Sidorenko and Leonid Gorodetsky gave the best reference to Shadhcnev’s works.

In 1987 Pavel Pokidyshev, a photographer, estimated pictures on plastic and his approval inspired Ilya Shadchnev to continue his experiments which developed into Transparent Oil Texture technique.


1987, December. Penza Youth Club.

1988. Movie theatre “Sovremenik”, Penza. The Art Exhibition dedicated to Young Communist League (6 pictures)..

1996. Child Drawing School, Zarechny. Personal art exhibition (45 pictures).

1996. Art Center, Penza. Personal art exhibition (96 pictures).

1996. Art Foundation “Novy Posad”, Penza. Personal art exhibition (49 pictures)